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The Olympus CX33

The Olympus CX33 microscope comes standard with trinocular head and plan achromat objectives. The microscope is designed with ergonomic user friendly features and functions. The LED illumination eliminates the need to ever change a bulb!

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The Olympus CX23

The Olympus CX23 model is easy to use, and offers outstanding optical performance with a large 20mm field of view. The LED light source provides stable long term illumination. This microscope is ideal for education or laboratories.

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The Accu-scope 3000-LED

The Accu-scope 3000-LED Microscope Series delivers outstanding optical performance, value and resolution to meet the exacting standards of life science professionals and students.

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The Accu-scope EXC-120

The Accu-scope EXC-120 Series delivers exceptional value and performance for an entry level clinical microscope.

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Excelis HD camera

Designed to address a wide variety of needs for researchers, clinicians, scientists, instructors, technicians and students, we have an Excelis HD camera to fit your application.  All of the Excelis cameras can be operated with our CaptaVision software, a comprehensive suite of camera controls, image processing and measurement tools.

What’s Included:
• Excelis HD Camera
• HDMI Cable
• USB 2.0 Cable
• 12v Power Adapter• SD Card• USB 2.0 Mouse
• CaptaVision+ Imaging Software C-mount adapter required, sold separately.

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